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Growth Capital Financing

Many early stage and middle market companies often find that their ability to grow their company by investing in new products, services or markets is constrained due to a lack of available capital. UNICON can help entrepreneurs successfully raise private equity, subordinated debt and senior debt to provide owners of high growth companies with the opportunity to accelerate their growth.

After completing a business plan, the first big hurdle in attracting private capital is garnering the attention of venture funds. Capital sources will generally review thousands of deals per year and make their initial determination of interest based upon a cursory review of the business plan presented to them. With only a limited opportunity to catch the attention of investors, companies need to put their best foot forward right from the start. UNICON has relationships within the Capital Financing community and understands the intricacies of the capital markets. UNICON will work with its clients to present a story which highlights historical performance while stressing future value.

Project on a Glance

Corporate Feasibility Study of Markala Sugar Project,

Mali Markala Sugar Project is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agribusiness project in Mali, comprising both – agricultural and industrial components. Markala Sugar Project has two main entities – CaneCo, which works in agriculture field; and SoSuMar, and industrial plant.

CaneCo will establish a 14,132 ha irrigated cane estate in Markala, which is 275km northeast of Bamako, on the north bank of the Niger River. It is planned to produce 1.48 million tons of sugar cane per annum. The project will support community development as well.

SoSuMar, the industrial component, comprises a sugar mill, ethanol plant and power co-generation facility. The mill will have a cane crushing capacity of 7,680 tons per day at full operating capacity, producing 190,000 tons of sugar per annum. The sugar will be traded on the domestic and regional markets. The ethanol plant will produce 15 million lt. of ethanol per annum, while the co-generation facility will produce 30 MW of electricity per annum.

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