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Project: Support to Structural Reforms in Agriculture

Location: Ukraine

Project's goal is to support the structural reforms, in areas related to agriculture and food security. This objective aims to contribute to the overall effort to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth and development. The project includes the improvement of design, management, delivery and effectiveness of Programmes and services in agriculture and social protection that are aimed at reducing food insecurity. The Programme will contribute to improve an economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture based on private initiative. The Programme will continue to support the rationalization and improvement of the Ministry of Agriculture's services and, in particular, the veterinary services through the promotion of private veterinarian service providers and the development of private farms.

Project: Strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Agriculture

Location: Ukraine

The consultants identified critical gaps in vertical and horizontal value chain linkages, analysis of their origin and perspectives on dealing with these gaps. The scope of analysis included MSMEs in agriculture sector, production and distribution of agriculture products. The consultants also provided support needed to address such issues and stimulate a better environment in functioning and productivity. One of the goals was to create sustainable commercial and financial services to MSMEs in the target areas.

Project: Support to SME Development

Location: Ukraine

Entrepreneurs and those who own micro, small, and medium enterprises. These enterpreneurs face many problems and obstacles due to poor law enforcement and badly management entrepreneurship environment. At the same time, success of these entrepeneurs is a key to economy's success and growth. The Consultant has analyzed SME environment in selected pilot areas and prepared recommendations with focus on establishing economic environment that corresponds to entrepreneurial innovation and job creation and creates capacity for business development.

Project: SME Development and Export Promotion

Location: Ukraine, Russia

The immediate objective this regional project is to develop a programme for regions that will increase their competitiveness and access to local, Russian and other export markets. This is to be achieved through three stages: (1) dealing with the development of SME policy dialogue and advocacy capacity of business associations with the aim of developing effective and consistent policies, strategies and programmes to support SME development as well as improving the enabling environment for business development at municipal level; (2) facilitate the development of a market for Business Development Services (BDS) to assist SMEs in establishing and conducting business effectively; and (3) provide financial services to improve the access of SMEs to financial resources.

Project: Reproductive Health in Rural Areas Study

Location: Russia

This study was carried out to identify the current situation with reproductive health industry in rural areas of 4 pilot regions. The goal was to identify weaknesses in this sector and provide recommendations to improve weaknesses. Consultants selected pilot hospitals and clinics to carry out “in-depth” analysis of how they operate, and needs assessment identification. Consultants also carried out a number of trainings for local population on the reproductive health issues and held interviews and round tables on this matter.

Project: Promotion of Bashkir Airlines in Central Asia

Location: Russia

The goal of the project was to expand services provided by Russian air carrier – Bashkir Airlines – based in Ufa, to start services in Central Asian Republics, using Tashkent as a hub for Central Asia. The consultant carried out marketing research activities as well regulatory studies to start operations. After this project, Bashkir Airlines successfully started operating in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Project: Support Procurement Service in Shipyards in Russia

Location: Russia

UNICON is assisting in TECSEC's project with information to support procurement service in shipyards in Russia. The Project includes the analysis of the proposed cost of procurement. The cost is influenced by inflation and the regional price difference. In the analysis, comparison of general prices of goods and commodities in the Far East and in Northwest of the Russian Federation is necessary. The shipyards are Zvezdochka Shipyard in Severodvinsk and Zvezda Shipyard in Bolshoy Kamen. The consultant's scope of work includes provision of data for (i) Arkhangelsk Region, (ii) Primorsky Territory, and (iii) whole Russian Federation.

Project: Financing of Textile Spinning Enterprise

Location: Turkey

The scope of the assignment involved determination of the market and replacement value of the specific types of assets. These assets could be offered as security for further financing: (1) Land; and (2) Buildings.

Project: Health Care System and Hospitals Management

Location: Turkey

The project includes an assessment of initiatives to enhance the capacity of the local health care system in Turkey. The Consultant team evaluated and prepared recommendations on comprehensive methodological assessment, technical review building on international experiences, and preparation of systems. The project has the following recommendations: (i) Improve quality of public health provision supported by adequate budgets; and (ii) Improve quality of health services delivery.

Project: Feasibility Study of Ostrvo Cvije?a Modernization and Tourism Development

Location: Montenegro

Ostrvo Cvije?a (Prevlaka) – the Island of Flowers is a small oval-shaped island, about 300m long, 200m wide, with total surface of beaches of 1200 m2 and numerous small sandy beaches. The whole complex is placed in the Coastal Zone area, and thus a decision on development of the location study for this location was made in line with the Spatial Plan for special purposes for the Coastal Zone area. The intention is to have a complex with a hotel and recreation facilities designed and run in line with international standards.

The goal of the project is to provide adequate and comprehensive development of this destination into a unique, multifunctional tourist complex of high level, favorable for various recreational and relaxation activities in the manner that is conceptually, aesthetically and ecologically in line and harmony with natural beauties and ecological richness of this location.