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UNICON is a specialist international project management company that, over the last 10 years, has provided project management and specialist consultant and technical services in more than 200 projects in more than 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Our clients include bilateral and multilateral aid agencies (such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other development banks and agencies), governments and private companies.

UNICON has established international networks and knowledge of government and institutional procedures together with the necessary mix of technical, financial and management skills. Its professional team of consultants has developed proven procedures in project design, personnel deployment, equipment procurement, financial management and project management.

Learning from our experience in many countries, we are particularly aware of and responsive to the client's needs and to local knowledge and development contexts. Adaptability and resourcefulness are crucial factors in the international development work in which UNICON specializes. We are proud of our record of efficiency in managing multi-disciplinary teams and delivering a quality service on time.

We have over 50 staff in our head office in London, United Kingdom, and in our regional offices in Germany, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Nigeria, and employ at any one time approximately 70 project advisors working in 20 countries.

UNICON has developed a web based project management system to support the in country management of all projects, providing on line access to UNICON systems and up-to-date financial and management reports.

UNICON has an extensive range of networks within the public and private sectors and is able to call on the expertise of these organizations to assist in the provision of specialist project services. UNICON also has links with international organizations, and is able to utilize them to source expertise and suitably qualified consultants.

UNICON is involved in a diverse range of projects that continually challenge our organization and from which we learn, thereby increasing our capacities and the upgrading of our systems for future projects. However, there are consistent principles that guide our contributions to all projects:

  • Flexibility – the early stages of a project may require changes to the initial project plan as a project develops and participants gain skills and insights that reveal new needs or priorities to be met by the project, ones which can only be met if the approach is open and flexible.
  • Training – as a precondition for sustainability, counterpart and community partici pants should have maximum opportunity for formal and informal hands on training.
  • Capacity Building – we work to develop capacity at the individual skill level, the
  • institutional level (through establishing roles and responsibilities in the organization) and the systems level (with policies, procedures and communication systems).
  • Sustainability – we aim to achieve the stated project objectives through developing the capacity and capability of counterparts and organizations, with the result that the achieved objectives are sustained long after the formal completion of the project and become the basis for future efforts.
  • Equity – we at all times endeavor to apply equity principles and practices.
  • Participatory Approach – our consultants, technical specialists and field workers work with counterparts in order to utilize their strengths and knowledge and to advance the education and training of all.
  • Quality – emphasis is placed upon the quality of the processes used in every project to ensure the quality of the project outcomes.

UNICON International is an association of legally independent firms.

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