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Business Planning

Business plans are very important for business if you do not want your business to be hectic. Business plans help to track income and costs and make appropriate decisions when necessary. It provides valuable information to those who work with you, e.g. suppliers.

Business plans also help raise additional capital via venture funds or credits from banks – to obtain a credit, you need to show that you are fully aware of your business activities and have solid plans for its operations. Financiers need to know that their investments will not be gone due to poor business planning.

We will help you to look at the market, the industry, customers, suppliers, and competitors. A business plan will allow you to better look at customer needs and the benefits of current products and services. We will also evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities in the marketplace.

We will help you to prepare a workable business plan that will focus to:

  • Determine where the company needs to go;
  • Determine financing needs of the business;
  • Forewarn of possible roadblocks along the way;
  • Formulate responses to contingencies;
  • Keep the business on track to reach its planned goals; and 
  • Planning for Promotion of the Company.

Seven Reasons To Have a Strong Business Plan

1. Attract Investments. A business plan will illustrate your planned activities and how you will reach company’s goals. Before investors decide if they will back your business and provide you with finance, they would want to know as much as possible about your business operations and how you plan to use their financing.

2. See If Business Will Work. A business plan will show you all the strong and weak elements of your business idea and help you decide if the idea is viable. It will also help you to determine your financial needs.

3. Outline Each Area of Business. A business plan will show you all the aspects of your business. You would be able to use this information to determine the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your daily activities.

4. Set Up Milestones. A business plan will help you forecast and show where you will be in one year, five years or ten years from now. This information is useful to let your investors know your plans and help you set up realistic milestones.

5. Know About Market. Research and analysis about the market will give you a better insight about the market and help you better focus your business.

6. Attract Top-Level People. People are your assets. A good business plan will give talented people an overview of your business and help recruit them.

7. Monitor Your Business. A business plan can serve as a business tool that you will be able to use to monitor your progress and make changes when necessary.

Project on a Glance

Production of essential oils, MORCCHELLA d.o.o, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Morcchella d.o.o. is engaged in production of eco-food since 2005. The company is located on the southern part of Herzegovina, and operates throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company wants to extend its current business line and set up three new lines for (i) production of essential oils, (ii) wild mushroom processing, and (iii) production of tomato, ketchup and soup. Essential oils will qualify for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies that would use it for production of medicines, spices and breeders in the food and cosmetic industry.

Business plan and corporate strategy was prepared by the Consultant to develop Morcchella d.o.o. operations. The Consultant also carried out Morcchella’s performance management and provided effective financial management instruments for the company to provide a better organizational performance and operations.

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