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Market Assessment

In general, companies are driven by two main goals – Growth and Value. Growth is important because it is the only way forward; while staying still is not an option since others will pass you by and decline is a sure way towards bankruptcy. Value allows you to achieve higher results from sales and more returns from company’s resources.

Growth and value can be achieved via the following:

  • sell more to current customers in existing markets
  • sell existing products to some new markets
  • offer new products to existing customers
  • aunch new products into new markets

Existing Products in Existing Markets

Most companies look for increased sales in existing markets amongst existing customers. Current customers are already committed to company’s products. With a little more persuasion – through advertisements and campaigns – they could buy more.

However, to be successful with your products within your market, you need to know your customers well. You need to be able to answer these basic questions:

  • How much each customer is buying of the products you sell to them?
  • What share your competitors have on each of your customer?
  • What customer thinks of you and your products against other suppliers?
  • What can make each customer buy even more?

We will help you to answer these and other questions so that you know your customers and their preferences well. This will help you to better position your company and products on the market and gain competitive advantage.

Existing Products in New Markets

Working in existing market is good, but to achieve growth, exploration of new markets could be an excellent idea. Most companies have products that can travel. The product can go to new geographic markets or new industry segments that were not utilized before. Although new markets are very exciting and promising, they carry significant risks.

Using our connections worldwide, we are collecting information on new markets and potential customers wherever they are. We will prepare an in-depth analysis of potential markets and provide recommendations covering all the pros and cons of market entrance. Using our information, you can build growth and value more quickly and more securely.

New Products in Existing Markets

Growth and value can be brought up by introducing new products in a market where the company is already well known. Existing customers already know the company well enough to buy its products. The new product can replace old products and/or increase sales of the company. At the same time, if the new product is badly promoted and poorly presented, the introduction of this product would fail as well as the image of the company.

Our team can help you find opportunities for new products in existing markets and design product’s introduction campaign. We can also help the company to decide whether introduction of the product is a good idea in the first place; so that not to harm company’s reputation or current perception by customers.

Project on a Glance

Marketing Study and Brand Promotion for Shymkent Tires Enterprise,

Shymkent Tires Enterprise is the only Central Asian producer of wheel tires. It is engaged in production of tires for light vehicles and road freighters, agricultural machines and special equipment. The enterprise was built in 1975 and its products have been extensively used by Russia’s assembly plants like GAZ, VAZ, and KRAZ. In addition to Russian market, the tires are also exported to Hungary, Bulgaria, China and Afghanistan.

The Consultant was hired to assist Shymkent Tires Enterprise to expand its operations in Central Asian market, especially in Uzbekistan, where light vehicles and city buses are assembled. Tasks involved identification of the market capacity, product structure of the market (market segments with division on types), analysis of market trends, import structure analysis, prices comparison and analysis, identification of optimal market prices, recommendations on terms of delivery and payment, used in most channels, and preparation of unique trade proposal for dealers and distributors.

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